Dillon Horner

Dillon Unmasqued


illon Horner is a proud Texas native who’s been performing since he started  singing “Grease”  songs in his underwear at age 3. (Which he still does.)

After graduating from Oklahoma City University with his BFA in Acting, Dillon spent time as a teacher and performer with Oklahoma Children’s Theatre, where he was offered the opportunity to write and direct his own show, “How The Grinch Stole The Christmas Party.” He also spent time as part of OCU’s Improv troupe, and learned everything he could about film production as a director/writer/jack-of-all-trades on numerous projects filming in the area, including the Nick Cassavettes drama, “Yellow.”

Favorite past roles include Romeo (Romeo and Juliet), The Captain (Woyzcek), and the ever-swaggering pirate Keith Richards in Oklahoma Children’s Theatre’s production of Treasure Island.

After discovering his love for writing, Dillon stepped away from acting, and is excited to be making his return to the world of Shakespeare after almost two years.